Fashion Show Babywearing
presented by Courtney Caranguian, Wearing and Caring and Kellen Garcia of Closely Carried

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Fashion Show Babywearing presented by Kellen Garcia, Closely Carried and Courtney Caranguian, Wearing and Caring
Sun. at 11:00am (Main Stage)

Educational fashion show. About 6-10 caregivers wearing their children, each in a different type of carrier. Courtney and I will be discussing each type of carrier as it is shown, it's benefits, best age range for use, etc, as well as throwing in Babywearing benefits and safe practices.

-caregivers should attend to become familiar with this parenting tool that not only benefits their child in many ways, but can make day to day life much easier on them.


Kellen Garcia: Certified babywearing educator from the Center for Babywearing Studies, Babywearing consultant, Babyweariing International volunteer babywearing educator.

Courtney Caranguian, owner of Wearing and Caring, is a Center for Babywearing Studies Graduate. Certified Babywearing Educator and Consultant, and Volunteer and Advanced Educator for Babywearing International Oahu.

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